The R & F – 13. I was born in the 80’s (Final Part)

13. I was born in the 80’s


Today I can say that I’m completely proud for the career I’ve been building all this time. All my love could make you love in somewhere, and for sure, sometimes you cried with me. But it is not a reason of sadness anymore.

I know we can dream about anything in our fantastic worlds of mind. I crossed the Earth without any credit card in my eight years because something inside me just said someday every imagined moment could be true.

Girl, maybe you learned how to deal with that earlier than me, but now I know I’m getting old but it is not the only reason to grow up again and again.

I didn’t get some material things until some years ago, but now that stage is more than a real illusion. If I can see you again, listening my songs, screaming my name, blowing me a kiss… It doesn’t matter if it is true or if it is me just trying an escape. Every scream of this guitar tonight, every scream that just broke my throat tonight, I will make it for you, girl, and for me. ‘Cause I know that in the end, we need to keep being alive, like this song:


I was just a boy

Couldn’t afford most of the toys

So we just hanged out in the streets

Girl, I don’t dance, I just do the beats’


Industrial neighborhood

I lived my life the way I could

My house was all painted in green

I can’t forget most of the scenes


Because I’m getting old

I’m not a kid anymore

I’m getting old

I’m not a kid anymore


I was born in the 80’s

That’s why I sing this song

My memories are faded

But they aren’t gone


Well I was born in the 80’s

And I miss them too

I don’t get totally crazy

Only because of you


I had a bike

I had a dog, his name was Spike

We used to play ball all night long

We used to play hair metal songs


I bought a guitar

My tunes have taken me so far

I can’t remember most of the nights              

‘cause of the vodka, lime and ice *(Beeshop)


David Felipe Rodrigues Lourenço

Todo o texto inspirado nas músicas de Beeshop – The Rise and Fall of Beeshop, de Lucas Silveira

Créditos das músicas ao final de cada capítulo para Beeshop.


Obrigado pela inspiração e pela companhia dos leitores de sempre.


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