The R & F – 12. All I need

12. All I need 

 Here we go again! – I had listened that phrase a lot of times in a short movie, in a TV show and of course, in a movie. But it’s not the point. If you know a little bit of me until now, you should realize that these times I’m not writing happy moments of this urban life.

I needed to be blessed by a magic creature that could make me believe in the love stories that I used to idealize by my fifteen. I’m not kidding, in each man you can find some holes caused by bad love – that kind of feeling you just have alone.

I would be happier if tonight I could believe in my lyrics inspired for that girl. All I need is to know that you love, maybe me. But if it’s not true anymore, maybe I could to take it over just for my bright eyes, my heart beating faster and my silence for let you go. Unless, I’ve learned how to feel all I need to live.

Background sound according my silent night:


She was a friend

A friend of a friend

And I thought it was supposed to be like it

I thought you would end

Up with a boyfriend

But always thinking about me when you go sleep


Well, I was wrong

I wrote you this song

To let you know

What you need to know


That all I need is to make sure you love

That you love me and there’s nothing above

And now that we have found each other’s hand

Our stories will never part ways again


She was a friend

A friend of mine

The type that we spend our lives trying to find

I thought, in the end

You’d be okay

Watching the love of your life fade away


That all I need is to make sure you love

That you love…*(Beeshop)

(To be continued)

David Felipe.