The R&F – 10. Mr. Confusion

10. Mr. Confusion

 Should I to live alone? That is an answer I can’t give to myself. Unless, for while. And it is not a way of life, or a choice that I did after some selfish analysis, I’m not sure about my cognitive abilities for now, that is the true.

She stays here after the sunset, screaming aloud at my mind. She says: “I love you” and don’t let me be in her arms. She says: “I can’t stand your pain” and just kiss my mouth at the present moment.

Today is definitely the day I should do nothing and stay here, with my body laid under the sheets and my brain rounding while fries over the pillow.

After all I can’t still organize my thoughts because she is in my mouth, inspiring my lyrics, and she is under my skin when I feel the sense of some flower like jasmine and it is almost a jazz mixing my blue words of sadness.

Girl, you taught me how to love and that night confusion is the word that is driving me crazy again, because you didn’t teach me how to let you go.

Mr. Confusion makes me love no one.

The background sound shut up my mouth, and I try to sleep:

Here comes another
You know you don’t want it
That girl is like a non-stop confusion

Another lover
You know you want it
But you’ve never want her to be it


She’s like an oyster with no pearls inside
She’s every doubt inside your mind


On the other corner
The one you’ve always wanted
That’s always so far away

You think you love her
Could that be illusion?
Could that not be love?


She’s like
The one you want to be beside
She’s got the key to reach your heart


Can’t you see? could be one or maybe three
Mr. Confusion, make a move
Mr. Confusion, make a move

Can’t you see? only truth will set you free
Mr. Confusion, make a move
Mr. Confusion, make a move

The love you want
Will make you heart feel cold
You think you’ve got it
But all you’ve got is a hole

Inside your heart
The truth is there to be told
So try to stop
Stop breaking hearts
Stop hurting souls
and hurt yourself *(Beeshop)

(To be continued)

David Felipe.



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