The R&F – 7. Victoria Indie Queen

7. Victoria Indie Queen


That is over the time of walking alone over the pad of the dark hotel room. I agree when some people say I should to take it over. The magic time is gone.

Nowadays she couldn’t listen to the nice songs we used to listen together. She has a different group of friends to talk about things I would never know how to talk about. The girl I called muse is not a good inspiration anymore. I’m tired of trying to understand why my eyes still insists on wet my face when I sing the melodies that were made for her. It’s not fair, but it is just reality.

My indie queen continues to have a throne at the center of my living room and a pillow to rest for the days we could be nice to each other. You know my eyes, girl. You should be less exposed when walk with another guy.

Don’t listen to my songs, don’t call my name, and don’t remember me. But use to be happy like the days you needn’t any substance to smile at the nights.

Background sound mixing to my thoughts:

She used to be emo
But now she’s into old-school hardcore
And skinny men playing in indie bands
Are not her type at all

I used to know where she goes
After having her daily fashion class
But now she’s got new friends with lots of pot
They’re taking her from me…

And her hair is not short anymore
I’ll be there if you call me… remember those old times

A movie starring Steven Seagal
Eating chocolate-flavoured pop corn
You’ve never observed how perfect you were
Listening to Fresno

And now I see you drunk and wasted
Rytalin in one hand, the other searching for friends
That’s when you see, all you needed was me
… always there for you.

Victoria… she goes to wherever there are party lights
Sometimes she doesn’t see sometimes she’s hurting me
With her damn punk attitude
Victoria… she loves to walk alone across gun-fights
But there has never been a prettier indie queen
This throne was all set for you  *(Beeshop)

David Felipe

(To be continued)


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