The R&F – 2. Come and go

2 – Come and go


I don’t know how much time will be enough for my first hours of sleeping. Do you know? I can’t control my thoughts and that is a phrase I think I’d ever used in a lyric of not so time ago. But in those days I used to talk about good feelings and greener grass. It’s wired have nothing to say when there is so much to feel this night.

Our moments together seem like souvenirs that we needed to let go through the doors of an unkind fate. I’m on my feet, walking side to side of my head, and scratching the pad with my toes. A normal person would just take some medicine and go to sleep; however, I prefer to spread this energy away. The vibe at the audience is not the same when she is not there to wipe my sweat in the end of the night or make me sweat a little more bringing herself in my arms.

Even I’d tried to fade the lines of her face I’d never get a successful result. If I could make a wish, I’d try to bring her here to cross those avenues outside of this building in a nonstop route. No matter the cold weather or the hard sun above our heads, we can deal it one more time. Now, I say aloud: “Don’t be late, my girl”. Here I am in this hotel room and a background sound is like my own speech:

I come and go just like
I have nothing to say
And it wouldn’t hurt at all
If you walked away


I come and go just like
I was told to do like this
And your presence wouldn’t be
Something I would miss


So I come and go…


I come and go just like
Those waves that washed our summer
From our minds, photos
Pockets and empty diaries


I come and go just like
That’s just how it’s meant to be
But I always ask myself
Why don’t you come and go with me


Come with me
Is that what you really want?
Come with me
Is that what you’ve tried to do all the time?
Come with me
I’ll be waiting right there by the corner
Come with me
Until we end up tired
Or leave me alone


Don’t leave me alone * (Beeshop)

 David Felipe.

(To be continued)


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