The R&F – 1. How are you now?

1 – How are you now?


The end of the show, but my night is far away of an end.

Today is not a big day after I have composed a new song. By now, I am not sure if I can survive. My body and soul are against me: trembling hands, blood running at the top of my head…But that would never be a threat if you were here. The pillow is the only friend that could hear my silly words at now. Just for it I can confess this fear of not being with her. Great new! She’s gone.

I don’t want to be left by the tears. Girl, you should be here to hear my voice whispering melodies at your ears. Give me a sign and I’ll be alright.

Maybe you were asking to yourselves why a rock star is plenty of questions without answers. But, believe me, anyone can bent when is facing this kind of story. You shouldn’t worry about that. I give myself the right of a human being. Ok? Now, I say aloud: “I don’t want to control what is out of control”.

Bla – bla – bla. Could it be? Drinking a glass of water, tic-tac of the clock at the wall, here I am in this hotel bed and a background sound is like my own speech:


Let me introduce myself
I haven’t been here for a long time
Been looking for somebody else
But only here
I feel alright

 How are you now?

I’ve been floating through the stars
Just to be inside your mind
I wanna wake up where you are
I wanna hold your hand tonight


How are you?
How have you been?
Did you miss me?
And where did you go?
Where were you all this time?


When it feels like home
In your dreams, I walk alone
I’m trying to find an escape


When it feels like home…
In your dreams, I  sing this song
Please don’t mind
Please don’t wake up

Tonight *(Beeshop)

David Felipe – To be Continued


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